Open source

Agilefant is the #1 free open source tool of its kind. You can use it for free, forever, and expand and customize it to your needs.

Support for open source version

If you need personalized support, you can get it via our open source version support.

First-time users – go grab Cloud

If you’re trying Agilefant out for the first time, just sign up – it takes two seconds. And what’s best, you can keep using it for free, forever, with a single user!

While the open source version is not guaranteed to have all the latest features, it is under active development and enjoys steady progress.

Source code

You can find the source code in GitHub, along with the license, install and upgrade guides, a link to the latest downloadable binary, development environment setup instructions, list of contributors and the contribution policy.

Agilefant forums

We also have a community forum, where we discuss Agilefant’s development, feature requests, known bugs – and maintain a Q&A user guide on a regular basis.

Agilefant in Github